Green funerals

Many people today look for a more environmentally friendly or green alternative to a traditional funeral.

From the type of coffin and burial ground, through to the memorial choices, we have a dedicated range to choose from when arranging your green funeral.

Natural burial grounds

An alternative to a traditional cemetery or graveyard, natural green burial grounds offer a tranquil place for family and friends to visit and reflect.  The burial grounds are often set in meadows or woodland areas with a focus on preserving the natural beauty of the environment and encouraging native wildlife and flowers.

Some natural burial sites also provide dedicated areas for the burial or scattering of cremated remains.

J Edwards can advise you on the closest natural burial ground for your green funeral.

Natural memorials

Natural burial grounds do not usually permit traditional headstone markers with the aim that eventually the grave is reclaimed by nature.  Some sites allow a tree to be planted or a temporary grave marker, whilst others prefer a natural, biodegradable marker or no marker at all.

J Edwards can advise on alternative memorial options.

Eco-friendly coffins, caskets and urns

For a green funeral, coffins, caskets and urns are available in a wide range of materials that help minimise the effect on the wider environment, such as bamboo, willow, sea grass and biodegradable cardboard. These materials reduce the need for solid timber, safeguarding the future of woodlands and forests and result in a truly green funeral.

Most natural burial grounds will require the coffin, casket or urn used to be fully biodegradable.

J Edwards can advise on our range of eco-friendly coffins, caskets and urns for your green funeral.