Coffins and caskets

The J Edwards Funeral Directors coffin and casket collection are available in a wide range of designs and materials, from eco friendly willow and bamboo through to solid bronze caskets. We understand that choosing a coffin may be distressing and we are here to support and guide you through the options.

Casket Collection

A premium selection of American, British and Italian style casket designs, made from exceptional quality metal and solid wood, with a luxurious interior and finish.

Themed picture coffin collection

Every life has a story and our range of colourful coffins can help you tell it. From military and patriotic designs suitable for those in the armed forces, to sport or wildlife themed designs, your loved one can have a coffin as individual as them.

Eco coffin collection

Our eco collection provides an attractive, comforting and environmentally friendly alternative to the traditional style coffin. Handcrafted from natural and biodegradable materials, such as bamboo, willow and wool, this style of coffin is popular for woodland burials.

Traditional coffin collection

Designed with tradition in mind, these coffins are of a classic style in solid oak and mahogany, as well as veneered wood using medium density fibreboard (MDF) and chipboard.

Children’s coffin collection

In addition to the more traditional design, our special range of colourful children’s coffins include personalised themed designs, depicting a favourite cartoon character, nursery rhyme or cherished toy that may have held a special meaning to your child. Alternatively, our environmentally friendly eco collection in bamboo, willow and soft tactile wool is a comforting option.

J Edwards Funeral Directors – Children's Funerals Brochure

Cremated remains caskets

For many, the ideal way to say farewell to a loved one is to bury their cremated remains which requires a form of casket.

Traditional cremated remains caskets

Elegant, solid wood caskets designed for burial within a churchyard, cemetery or at sea.

Themed picture cremated remains caskets

Reflect your loved one’s life through a personalised themed casket. A fully bespoke design service is available and can include family photographs, drawings or hobbies.

Eco cremated remains casket collection

Our environmentally friendly eco casket range for cremated remains are hand crafted in natural and biodegradable materials, suitable for burial, scattering or personal keepsake.

J Edwards Funeral Directors – Coffins and Caskets Brochure