Supporting the Bedhampton Show

There were not many without a tear in their eye at the Bedhampton Show in 2010 as over 100 beautiful coloured balloons glided upward into the summer blue sky carrying with them personal messages to departed loved ones. Staff and family members from J Edwards (Bedhampton) spent a lovely day helping local villagers write special memorial messages and attaching them to biodegradable helium balloons. These were then squeezed through a window into one of our Chrysler Limousines. As the afternoon went on, the inside became more and more full up with treasured messages and then at the appointed moment a member of our team drove the limo to the main arena and we all took a door each to release the balloons – it was a truly touching moment for both staff and onlookers alike.

Earlier in the afternoon, whilst the adults were busy writing cards and chatting with us, the children were occupied colouring stars, flowers, balloons and hearts which Natalie and Louisa will cut out and attach to a backdrop of the village church to have on display in the branch. We hope that by encouraging locals, young and old, into the branch under happier circumstances, they will feel more comfortable about visiting our branch should a sad occasion arise.

We also had a working model of a full sized Motorcycle hearse which was a big talking point for the grown ups as well as the little boys in the crowds, this was kindly brought along by the Motorcycle Funeral company.

All in all it was a superb event and has made us many new friends and contacts whilst providing a thoughtful moment to pause and reflect during a day of family fun.